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About Milton and the DogBook

Milton Toal had his first puppy as a toddler. A 6-week old Queensland Blue Heeler with teeth sharper than needles, that little pup knew instinctively what its job was, to chase and turn a wayward animal, in this case Milton at about 2 ½ years of age and Milton had puncture marks on both lower legs to prove it.

In the last 77 years, Milton has rarely been without a dog or two and through a combination of observation and study plus reading many texts, listening to people and training and loving many dogs he has learned a great deal about dogs and it’s now time to share and preserve that knowledge for the welfare of dogs and their companion humans.

Milton has never been bitten by a dog other than the playful nips of the Blue Heeler pup and neither have any of his wife, children or grandchildren. They all learned from an early age how to manage dogs. Milton will share some throughout the book about threats he has faced from attack dogs and how they were successfully handled.

The increasing number of dog attacks on babies, most often by family pets inspired Milton to share and pass on his lifetime of knowledge for the benefit of current and future dog owners. Too many people spread misinformation about dogs and too many others accept wrong information in good faith and act on it, often to the detriment of their dog and the real risk of danger to their families. Often that misinformation has come from an authority figure who was almost universally expected to know what he was talking about but whose radio program Milton stopped listening to years ago because he had so many absolutely wrong ideas. This book aims to “tell it as it is” and blow away some of the rubbish such as the often repeated line on the same long-running radio show with a prominent Vet saying “You can never leave a dog unsupervised with a baby.”, a very ignorant and incorrect comment.

In the book, Milton talks of all things doggy, from selection through training and including handling of wayward dogs.

Some people may be upset by some of what he says. He does not apologise if he explodes a few myths and upsets a few people but if you are upset by what he says, ask yourself whether you have the experience and/or expertise to challenge what he has learned and is sharing and the rationale behind it and whether you are in fact ready to own a dog.

Miltons Letter to Purchasers of the book

Dear Book Buyer

Thank you for becoming a client and taking a positive step to help reduce dog bites and improve dog behaviour. As you enjoy your new book you will come to appreciate the enormous reservoir of information, knowledge And experience it contains.

My hope Is that you And your dog, if you have one or intend to have one, will benefit greatly And for the rest of your lives. You will have seen from the web site that your New book has two clear themes - the first Is all about why dogs sometimes behave unacceptably, often with no warning and what to do To train this risk away, permanently.

The second focuses on surviving a dog attack on you and on rescuing another person from an attack. I would Like to take this opportunity to recommend that you read the sections on how to defeat a dog attack many times. The reason is simple. If you do this and Then an attack on you or another occurs, you will react more quickly and effectively if your mind has rehearsed the recommended behaviours to manage and defeat such an attack. Your reaction can become almost instinctive and that is what I wish for all readers.

This raises another important way that you might help. Are you prepared to help others if you can? It's simple, powerful and costs you no money. Here's how. There are many non-dog people who are scared of all dogs and many will cross a street To avoid going near a dog, even one restrained on a lead. This Is bad for everyone; dogs can smell fear and it tends to make them apprehensive and can make them aggressive. From that it follows that if we can make such people less fearsome of dogs, by building their confidence to communicate with the dog by teaching them how to approach it; further by giving them the tools to know how To handle an attack To minimise damage, everyone benefits so please, if you know such a person, refer them to this book. Thanks from me and from them.

Enjoy your book And If you have any suggestions as to how we can make it better, you are cordially invited to share them with us.

Kind regards