Prevent Dog Bites!!!

» 84% of attacks are by the family pet

» over 3000 people hospitalised each year

» dogs can kill people


A book of strategies to assist making your dog child relationship safe

$9.97 that could save the life of your child by preventing dog bites

Milton Toal (the author) has never been bitten by a dog and neither have any of his wife, children or grandchildren. They all learned from an early age how to manage dogs. Milton will show you how to handle dogs, introduce them to children and vistors to avoid problems and (as a last resort) how to handle dog attacks.

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This weeks tip:

Always feed your dog after the family has eaten. That is the natural order of the pack

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Dogs are not people

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woman and dog

The truth about dogs

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Why dogs harm children

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It is not the dog’s fault!

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Purpose and objectives of this book

This is not designed to be a full-scale book on training a puppy or dog in all aspects. There are plenty of books written that go into pages of detail about toilet training a puppy , just for example.

My purpose is not to simply repeat or paraphrase what others have written.

On the contrary what is in this book is what I consider to be the most important information on dog behaviour that I know and have never seen written.

So you might conclude that I have a higher purpose than just basic training of a dog. I certainly do.

This book is about some basic dog training, sure and is intended to make that quick, simple and effective and to ensure that dog owners worldwide know why it is absolutely essential and have no excuse to not do it.

However, one of the real purposes is to help the world of dog owners and aspiring dog owners to understand their dog in such a way that they can prevent bad behaviour by understanding why it is natural and needs to be trained away.

My hope, my dear wish is to stop reading about dog attacks, especially on babies and small children by teaching owners why these occur and how to ensure that your dog never becomes a perpetrator.

The other primary purpose of this book is to teach people how to handle dog attacks so that, until dog owners all become civilised and responsible, intended victims of out-of-control dogs and persons assisting such victims have ways of controlling the attack and winning.


The cost of the book is a very reasonable $AUD10 and it could be one of the best investments ytou ever make. Even if you don't own a dog it does not mean that you or your child will not be attacked by one.

  • * Don’t encourage your dog to maul your child
  • * Should you own a dog?
  • * Dogs and people sometimes don’t mix
  • * Why do some dogs maul babies and children?
  • * Balme the owner, not the dog
  • * How to fight off an attacking dog

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About the Author

Milton Toal had his first puppy as a toddler. A 6-week old Queensland Blue Heeler with teeth sharper than needles, that little pup knew instinctively what its job was, to chase and turn a wayward animal, in this case Milton at about 2 ½ years of age and Milton had puncture marks on both lower legs to prove it.

For most of his life, Milton has rarely been without a dog or two and through a combination of observation and study plus reading many texts, listening to people and training and loving many dogs he has learned a great deal about dogs and it’s now time to share and preserve that knowledge for the welfare of dogs and their companion humans.

Milton has never been bitten by a dog other than the playful nips of the Blue Heeler pup and neither have any of his wife, children or grandchildren. They all learned from an early age how to manage dogs. Milton will share some throughout the book about threats he has faced from attack dogs and how they were successfully handled.

The increasing number of dog attacks on babies, most often by family pets inspired Milton to share and pass on his lifetime of knowledge for the benefit of current and future dog owners. Too many people spread misinformation about dogs and too many others accept wrong information in good faith and act on it, often to the detriment of their dog and the real risk of danger to their families. Often that misinformation has come from an authority figure who was almost universally expected to know what he was talking about but whose radio program Milton stopped listening to years ago because he had so many absolutely wrong ideas. This book aims to “tell it as it is” and blow away some of the rubbish such as the often repeated line on the same long-running radio show with a prominent Vet saying “You can never leave a dog unsupervised with a baby.”, a very ignorant and incorrect comment.

In the book, Milton talks of all things doggy, from selection through training and including handling of wayward dogs.

Some people may be upset by some of what he says. He does not apologise if he explodes a few myths and upsets a few people but if you are upset by what he says, ask yourself whether you have the experience and/or expertise to challenge what he has learned and is sharing and the rationale behind it and whether you are in fact ready to own a dog.

Table of Contents