Prevent Dog Bites - Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Dogs Bite?

Because they feel threatened or because the want to increase their poition in the pack (family)

Why should I be worried?

A dog bite even from a small dog can cause substantial damage or death. Particularly to a child. Ther have been cases where a person has been killed by Dachshunds (a very samll dog)

Does it happen often?

Over 3000 people in Australia are hospitalised every year due to dog bites. Over 140,000 in the united states

What can I do about it?

Be prepared. Understanding dog behaviour and how to fight off a dog attack can make all the difference. It can save your life or that of your child

What is the single most important thing I can do?

Don't treat the dog like a member of your family. It must always consider itself the least important of the pack (family)